The A-Team

Optimized for Success

Getting the optimal or “A-Team” has been recognized as one of the primary challenges for sponsors when outsourcing clinical trials to CROs. By using a team of high performing fully independent professionals optimally selected by a proprietary software platform, You can get the A-team to lead your trial and dramatically improve your chance of success.

100% Transparency

Fully independent team of leaders selected by targeted skills

Solving the Resourcing Problem

Poor team selection and team allocation leads to Billions in lost productivity in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries. Resume based selection solutions or increasing individual salary spend have been unable to adequately solve this problem.

Fully Managed Freelancers

The optimized individually matched team of Elite Freelancers are fully managed by Maya Clinicals. Maya has over 10 years of experience successfully running full service end to end global clinical trials for USFDA approval.

Maya fully owns the execution and is accountable for the successful delivery of your project.

Complete Back-end Support through Maya Infrastructure.

The Lead team are all independent contractors but the staff on the ground, SOPs and required systems are provided by Maya Clinicals.

Maya will fill in any additional parts required to run a full service clinical trial.

World Class Experts

Fully Independent Consultants

The leaders of your clinical trial are drawn from the global pool of independent consultants at the top of their fields.

Propriety Software Platform

Skills Based Whole Team Optimization & matching through granular task based data

Rich Data Based

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