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Maya Clinicals is a Northern California CRO with an extensive network of sites, MD’s, and specialists in India. We are focused on working with Bio-Pharma start-ups and Pharma companies in a unique and flexible co-development model to accelerate drug development programs and lower the barrier to developing new therapeutics.

We have helped our customers shrink development timelines, improve overall quality by dedicating greater manpower to key bottlenecks and lower overall cost to create a business model more attractive to investors.

Specialists In Solving Tough Problems

We have a long history of helping our customers overcome challenges in development of their therapeutics with novel thinking and approach.

Risk Based Monitoring

Ensure better outcomes and lower cost with local US expertise and Remote Monitors in India. Ask us how our Remote Monitoring solutions can run faster more successful trials.

Centralized Monitoring Out of India Hub

Monitors are highly motivated and well trained. All Indian Remote Monitors also conduct traditional in person monitoring visits while running Maya Clinicals’ full service trials for Global Pharma 

Ask us how you can add Maya Monitors dynamically to your projects to improve Quality and Compliance.

US Therapeutic and Operations Experts

Our Front End team that manage the Risk Based and Remote Trials are all based in the US near our Sponsors and have a history of success running drug development programs for both Pharma and CROs.

Broad Therapeutic Expertise

Oncology and CNS Strength

Numerous successes on Pivotal PH3 and PoCs for Pharmaceutical and Biotech Sponsors for USFDA approval.

Indian Regulatory Expertise

Working closely with the DCGI since 2006 while achieving continuing success through the evolving regulatory environment.

End to End Regulatory Services

Regulatory Strategy

Maximizing chance of first time approval, India specific protocol recommendations and current up to date Regulatory body concerns, patient mix and optimization for both DCGI and USFDA.

Submission Packet & Documentation

Review, Creation and Submission of Clinical Trial Application to DCGI and Local Ethics Committees. Ongoing maintenance of all communication, updating and management.

Face to Face meetings

Attend all meetings with Regulatory Authority. Assemble required experts as needed and negotiate with the DCGI.

Who We Are

The Maya Clinicals team has a long history in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. The founding team is drawn from leading biotechnology, CRO, pharmaceutical and IT companies.

Mission & Values

Help Solve Global Problems that Impact Society

To drive the highest ethical standards and treat people as we want to be treated.

Enrich the lives we touch

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